TV Center Clinton conceded defeat in the US presidential election

24 january 2017, 03:46

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HOOD.The FILM HOOD.The FILM TRANSFER TRANSFER Tags Policy elections USA Clinton trump In the United States in the presidential election wins the Republican nominee Donald trump. According to the latest data it has received support in most States and scored 276 electoral votes with 270 needed. His main rival candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is 218 votes. She already called Trump and congratulated him on his victory. Supporters waited for Mrs. Clinton a few hours in the Expo center on the banks of the Hudson, where was to be held a party in honor of the victory which the Democrats had no doubt. In the third hour of the night the head of her staff addressed the gathering celebrations canceled broadcast TV Center. At least not yet. In what is now the state Hillary has repeatedly during the election campaign scaring the public with their health status is not precisely known. But she's probably a very good reason not to go to the people who believed in her and at least thank them. She chose to simply send them home. Surprise shock, a bucket of cold water on the head of Hillary Clinton's slap in the face of the current US administration whose policies she intends to explore all of the Democrats combined. The only way to describe the state into which plunged the United States after the closing of polling stations and the counting of votes. At the headquarters of the Clinton entirely gloomy face even sympathetic Democrats CNN started telling the audience about the mood of mourning and tears surrounded by former Secretary of state. Even if she did win on that chance every minute was less a victory for political heavyweight with a minimum margin from the beginner who challenged the system of the entire establishment and his own party is very questionable. The headquarters of the trump may not fully believe not that in victory and even in such a resounding success. Therefore instead of a triumphant clink of glasses with one hand and curses on the opponent a few hours after the polls closed there was a tense and protracted silence. American journalists called the night historic. And I was right. A novice in politics eccentric Donald trump managed to make the history of America could not remember for a long time. In times Square in new York city which always votes for Democrats residents puzzled look to the screen on which are broadcast the preliminary results of the vote. City by city state by state billionaire literally takes by storm the areas that traditionally vote for Democrats. And even oscillating States. And most importantly key. The numbers on the scoreboard change every minute. Unfortunately for the people of new York not

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