To send an article The authors ish Act. What Russia offers classic American geopolitics Inaugural

24 january 2017, 03:57

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To send an article The authors ish Act. What Russia offers classic American geopolitics The inauguration of Donald trump a good reason to understand what is the configuration of the new world order leading us experts in the field of geopolitics. One of the most famous among them is Zbigniew Brzezinski, always indifferent attitude to Russia and did not conceal the anti-Soviet and after the collapse of the USSR, anti-Russian views. His vision of a new geopolitical situation... January 20 at the Museum of the history of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo police held an extended meeting of the regional enterprises Radunitsa. The meeting was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the city and its police. Guests are warmly welcomed, the Museum's veteran interior Minister Alexander Kuzin. The meeting came historians the members of Morozov's club the tour Desk veterans of Department of internal Affairs Vyacheslav Panarin and Andrei Boldin teachers of the University members of the Public chamber and the Public Council under the local police Department Declaring war on the ruling establishment of America, the new President runs the risk of running into a sniper's bullet Paul Craig Roberts. A brief inaugural speech of the President of trump was a Declaration of war against the entire American ruling establishment. Just. Trump made it very clear that the enemies of the Americans are right here at home. It's the globalists the neo-liberal economists of the neo-conservatives and other unilaterality used to impose the will of the US around the world... The center for sociological monitoring Initiative 14.01 15.01.2017 conducted a snap poll of residents of the city of Donetsk. The survey included 1000 respondents. The survey covered all age-sex categories of citizens of the capital of the DNI. The study included 507 men and 493 women that is 507% and 493%, respectively. The purpose of the study to trace the dynamics of citizens ' expectations of the DNI policy of the Russian Federation against the Republic. American blogger skysheep talks about the bulb. Just 9 years ago a regular light bulb 40 watt cost him $ 5 per year. Three years ago he switched to led light bulb price remained about the same for though and it turned out the savings on electricity but the light bulb cost quite expensive. Now the cost of similar bulbs fell to... one dollar. Technology has finally matured fast Forward to now in the European part of Russia. To pay less for heating, the people of Ukraine go to various tricks. As reported Today in small cities where to rent an apartment complicated and the utilities still have to pay the owners are willing to accommodate tenants free of charge only if they themselves pay for communal. The rapid growth of the Ukrainian municipal

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