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24 january 2017, 03:48

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World news Russia Ukraine and new Russia Posted on Saturday 12 November 2016 213712.11.2016 by Dobromir 724 reader A former campaign Chairman Donald trump resigned from CNN. In Chicago wanted an unknown who beat a supporter of trump. On a U.S. military base in Afghanistan explosion. A former employee of the election headquarters of Donald trump Corey Lewandowski left the work of the commentator on the TV channel CNN reported on the website of the company. Suspended from work in the team of Donald trump Corey Lewandowski resigned and is no longer an employee of CNN. This could mean that Lewandowski will soon get a better job. Recall Lewandowski was forced to leave the campaign headquarters of Donald trump this summer in connection with the scandal. One of the journalists complained that Cory Lewandowski grabbed her arm when she tried to approach the presidential candidate and left her body in bruises. American portal TMZ published video on which unknown persons beat up a supporter of President-elect Donald trump. In addition, the victim stole the car. It is reported that the incident occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday 9 November at one of the intersections of Chicago. A few people pulled out of the car a man and started to beat him right on the roadway. The beating was filmed by witnesses. Standing next to one of the women shouted to the man a good beat so he shouldn't have to vote for trump. It is noted that four of the attackers were African American and the white man. When the victim did not resist and were kicking him even when he was lying on the pavement. The video also shows how one of the criminals got into the car of the victim and tried to steal. The man at the last moment put his arms over the door of the car and thus on the speed of the drives for a few meters and then let go of the hands. He beaten later said that it all started with a small accident when the attackers scratched his car. Local police reported that the victim was hospitalized stolen car is wanted. Police haven't arrested anybody yet in this case. Eyewitnesses claim that the car men had a sticker with a call to vote for a Republican Donald trump on the election of the President of the United States. As informs Agency Xinhua, citing a statement by the command of the Western coalition near the main US military base and NATO Bagram is located in Parwan province in Eastern Afghanistan explosion. The fact of the explosion confirmed in the NATO according to preliminary data, three people were killed and 13 were injured. We can confirm an explosion occurred at Bagram airfield today at 5.30 am. There were human sacrifices. Our force protection and the medical team react to the situation. As

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