The situation on the frontline observers of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE rests

24 january 2017, 03:48

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The situation on the frontline observers of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE SMM are regarded as unstable told reporters the first Deputy head of the OSCE SMM Alexander hug. News Top article The survey What do you think how soon will the dollar The best articles ФизCulture Policy Well, here come the auspicious day, the change of the owner. The white house in Washington. There are today 20 Jan 2017 inaugurated Donald trump. And while at this stop without specifying where and to whom he is still the owner. We will be politically correct and Patriotic restrained but happy. We know why and others don't need it once they are brutes in independence allow yourself to play and America to masturbate... I felt I believed Yes, that's where I knew that in our anxious days of the guarantor of the Ukrainian nation is the place in Davos, Switzerland No, not to ski sho your Syrozha Leshchenko its cash diceyou dissecting the snowy slopes of Bukovel and dreams is ready and going to take the place of our guarantee. Garant busy forges future victories nenki. And they are Economy Baptism is such a bright Christian holiday. Don't really understand how it can be combined with master classes for winter swimming and dance charging FunUp. But on the other hand that's what I zhemannichayut Who received bills for the December heating he realized that winter swimming is the only way. Otherwise you'll die of hunger warm. January 16, Minsk hosted the first in this year's negotiations of the Tripartite liaison group on Donbass. Two days before the information appeared that the European Commission allocates € 7 million Minsk at the center of refugees from Ukraine and other countries. The paradox is that 10 years ago Europe gave Ukraine the money to accept political refugees from Belarus. It is symptomatic of the Lord... Business Surely in childhood Valery Krishtal missed the lesson of the literature on which practice saying do Not dig a hole for somebody else but eventually it definitely had to memorize But let's not rush things and start from the beginning. Everyone who is watching the duel of the black banker Sergey dyadechko and the Ukrainian state there is a lot of questions. Ask lawyers, social activists, people's deputies, financiers And representatives of foreign partners of Ukraine in General is shocking Media-Digest Is Donald trump a Russian agent Paid whether he prostitutes from the FSB so they wet the bed where I slept Obama in a room at the Ritz opposite the Kremlin it's the off season so that any drunkard receiving a generous reward for finding compromising can write any stupid nonsense and Buzzfeed will leave you to decide the truth or not. We have no eternal allies nor permanent enemies but

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