The phenomenon of Putin in the middle East Europe will not feed the Baltic States Us army – CA

24 january 2017, 03:55

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The phenomenon of Putin in the middle East Europe will not feed the Baltic States The us army is the biggest myth of the twentieth century The third world is Why the West is always lying bestydno A feast of cannibals on Earth ends Old friend better new two Russia is playing a complex and dangerous geopolitical game What kind of war we are prepared We again pushed towards World war Managing human behavior is one of the priorities of the state. However you need to understand that the state creates its citizens to align their own interests but the state or the political power finds its own interests and its primary task is the management of those who chose and contains the trivial with the aim of self-preservation. If men begin to show dissatisfaction with current policy 1. Where is this world i.e. how does the picture of the future the World is rapidly moving to the end of capitalism. From the last is not much left of the market almost no longer has the global monopoly the state withers away civil society deflates the policy becomes a combination of the administrative system and show business lost money a number of functions and has largely ceased to be money the Europeans The sensation did not happen. In the night from January 6 to 7, American intelligence agencies published the first unclassified part of the report on the alleged attacks by Russian hackers on the US and intervention in the American electoral system on the instructions of the first persons of Russia. Quote We believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign of influence in 2016 focused on the presidential elections in Before the inauguration of Donald trump remains little more than two weeks but still no one can say with certainty what will be the future foreign policy of the administration she will repeat the line of Barack Obama in international Affairs and what he will recover it. Uncertainty on this score is saved. It seems that the first serious test after January 20 for During the Christmas and new year's days, Germany has decided to avoid the sad events of the past 2016. Recall that new year's eve 2016 for many German women and girls was a real shock they've been robbed has been abused or even been raped by African and middle Eastern migrants. The most dramatic events took place in Cologne. But in the other cities of Germany were An unexpected response of Vladimir Putin to the sanctions imposed by the outgoing President Barack Obama December 29, surprised not only Russian but also foreign observers. So journalist Ilya Kramnik in Facebook drew a parallel between the response of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on new us sanctions and

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