The interest of Russians to travel to Chicago increased by 103 percent after winning Donald trump's election

24 january 2017, 03:56

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The interest of Russians to travel to Chicago increased by 103 percent after the victory of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States. The representatives of tourist service momondo on Friday, January 20, told the correspondent of the The experts analyzed the search ... Oldest circus, The Ringling Bros. and Barnum amp Bailey who entertained the American public for over a hundred years will cease to exist and give a final presentation in may 2017. The reason is the steady decline of ticket sales and high overhead. This was announced on Saturday January 14, Kenneth feld, the head of the ... Aeroflot plans from 1 June 2017 to open daily flights from Moscow to Newark-liberty is located within the city limits of Newark and Elizabeth, new Jersey. Information about the new route placed in some reservation systems as well as on Aeroflot's website in the section ... American film Director George Lucas create in Los Angeles, California Museum of narrative art, where among other things, places a collection of artifacts from the filming of the legendary Star wars Saga. This was announced by mayor Eric Garcetti on his ... The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has suspended issuing visas due to flooding in the building of the consular Department of the diplomatic mission. The restrictions relate to both immigration and non-immigration visas. Besides diplomats will not be considered ... Five people were killed Friday in the shooting at the airport in the U.S. city of Fort Lauderdale Florida said in a message posted on Twitter the chief of police Broward County where the city is located. Five people killed, eight injured taken to a local hospital reported ... A passenger train crashed on Wednesday an accident at the station, Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, new York. As stated in the Service fire protection city injured 103 people. All injuries are not dangerous to life quotes CNBC. The train was traveling from long island went off the rails and made a hard ... The annual rose Parade took place on Monday in Pasadena California. Several hundred thousand people despite the rainy and cool by the standards of the state of the weather, watched it already held in the 128th time, the traditional colorful procession of bands of horsemen and floral platforms. Just a parade ... The failure of the computer systems of the Customs and border service of the USA became the reason of collapse in all air gates in the United States. About it today, 3 January, reports the Associated Press. Almost all American airports have observed huge queues. The reason was a problem with the ... In Los Angeles unknown spoiled the famous Hollywood sign. On Sunday local media reported. The attacker threw the cloth on

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