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24 january 2017, 03:47

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In Los Angeles for sale four-storey mansion at the cost of 250 million dollars. On 3500 square metres located 12 bedrooms 21 bathrooms 3 kitchens 4 bowling lanes, a 40-seat theater infinity pool with a bar, two wine cellars and a room with sweets. In Continue reading In the U.S., sold the most expensive house along with a helicopter car boat and servants In Washington, police arrested more than 200 protesters against the new US President Donald trump reports Radio Liberty. Earlier it was reported about clashes between demonstrators and police. The demonstrators dressed in black, some wearing masks marched through the city smashing towards the shop Windows-car Windows tilting garbage Continue reading More than 200 protesters arrested in Washington On the website of the White house after the inauguration of President Donald trump there were sections devoted to the programme proposals of the new administration. Among the main priorities of the new head of the state noted the creation of 25 million new jobs in the next decade in the framework of the so-called plan America first. Special attention is paid to combating illegal migration construction Continue reading trump outlined their priorities for 4 years Ukraine in relations with the United States is considering three main sets of issues which had not varied depending on the administration. This was reported by Ukrainian journalists on Friday, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly. The first block according to him is security which includes countering the aggression of Russia and the attempts of the occupation of the Crimea. The second relates to development reforms Continue reading Ukraine has outlined a range of issues in relations with the United States foreign Ministry The US President Donald trump has signed an Executive order directing agencies to reduce regulation pending cancel introduced 6 years ago the health system known as Obamacare. He also sent to the Senate proposals for appointments to the posts in his administration. Donald trump, in accordance with its election Continue reading the First orders of the President of the United States Donald trump The visit of the President of Ukraine to the USA is planned in the second half of February and is intended primarily to his participation in the program of Ukraine's chairmanship in the UN Security Council at the same time the variants of the summit of the presidents of Poroshenko and trump in Washington. This was reported to journalists by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly, reports UKRINFORM. Visit Continue reading Poroshenko might meet with trump in February The Russian government is waiting for the fall of the ruble to the dollar by 10% in spite of all possible mechanisms to support the Russian currency. But now

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