Pre-screening of "Perfect strangers" We invite the participants of the project "Snob" in the cinema

24 january 2017, 03:47

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Pre-screening of Perfect strangers We invite participants of the project, the cinema Snob in the Fuse on most titled Italian Comedy of last year Read more Chulpan Khamatova and academic musicians at the concert of Yellow stars We invite participants of the project Snob, for a concert dedicated to the International day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust Read more How to turn your hobby into a profession. Lecture Andrew Wolf Journalist, businessman and public figure Andrey Woolf will tell you how not to become a slave to your work Read more How to become an adult. Lecture-consultation Katerina Murashova in St. Petersburg Psychologist Katerina Murashova project in collaboration with Snob invites intellectual space mind Games to talk about how people become adults and what to do to help your child at each stage of growing up Read more It's about love. Lecture-consultation Katerina Murashova Enjoy your Chocolate loft on the constant lecture of the author of the Snob family psychologist Catherine Murashova about what can happen in the family because of love Read more All roads lead to the North. The pilot show We invite participants of the project Snob in the Center. Sun. ""The play Karin Ponties All roads lead to the North which was nominated for the Golden mask award 2017 Read more The masons without myths. A lecture Snob and Level One Theologian Konstantin Mikhailov will talk about the principles underlying the Masonic associations the reasons for their popularity and prevalence Read more Why you need to sleep Lecture ASI Kuznetsova Enjoy your Chocolate loft on the lecture popularizer of science Asya Kuznetsova which will tell you how sleep Read more About family values and the price of happiness. Lecture Dima Sizer Enjoy your Chocolate loft on the lecture of the teacher Dima Sizer who will talk about how to be a good family man and not go crazy Read more Ksenia Sobchak After the summer of 2016 to Sobyanin will forever stick nicknamed the mole Reflections on the history of Peter Pavlensky and all its predecessors Some just lost their chance to live in the family. Some have died. So what but how we made The fight Project event Trump prepares for impeachment Who mind this happiness Someone in a coat The punishments of the sword New York diary 3. One the inauguration of one Opera and one musical E. Gurvich. Pro cynic trump about our pilgrims and about those of us who like it all Blagopoluchie love to loot my vagina and liver Parents Del from Zelenograd the Presumption of innocence is a myth Stories from the history of Dinara Alieva Peace against war About flies and cracks

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