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On the night of January 21 in the Dneprovsky district of Kiev, Nikolsko-Slobodskaya shot lawyer. Residents of Antalya enthusiastically greeted graffiti appeared in the town a portrait of the deceased in Ankara, the Russian Ambassador. The militants raped the girl accusing it of complicity LC. According to the President of Moldova Igor Dodon gas debt of Transnistria shall be the duty of all Moldova. The new President did not recall any of the victims brought our ancestors nor about the spirit of America or her values. Instead adopt the US program of rehabilitation of the veterans in the square chose to copy a flash mob questionable. The ex-Governor of Odessa region and the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili noted in Washington near the scene of the inauguration. Not only users of social networks drew attention to the unusual signature of newly minted American President Donald trump. Well-known political analyst Sergei Markov weighing all the pros of the new U.S. President in relations with Russia. Statements about the alleged threat from Russia can be heard repeatedly. Dima Yakovlev law in force since 2013 may be cancelled. As a result of shelling damaged the building of the train depot. The couple Clinton blasted the Network for its peepers during the inauguration of Donald trump. Earlier, British media speculated on a possible meeting between the two leaders in Iceland. World oil prices showed a strong increase after the inauguration of US President Donald trump. Snowden is not a toy that you can give it people said Sands. Relevant document published on the legal Internet portal of Belarus. The best that was at the inauguration of George Bush trying to cope with the rain cover is written by the Network users. He was just laying there, said an eyewitness who tried to give the wounded man the help. There was so much blood it's hard to describe Kiev continues to operate with the rhetoric and myths. Neither the loss of political independence or economic disaster they do not care Users of social networks are practiced wit comparing the new first lady with the strange dress the color of the carpet, Michelle Obama. There is no capital. We have on Khreschatyk abandoned building. 735 and it's only officially lamenting Ivan Salii. The US President and the Republican party are going as soon as possible to cancel the main brainchild of Obama's health insurance reform. On Friday evening it became known that the militants destroyed part of the amphitheater where he performed with the Mariinsky theatre orchestra. Journalist detained during the coverage of protests in Washington were released only after several hours. The activists of the Free Kherson decided to mark this with such labels all who participated

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