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Gazprom in 2017 to double investments in the pipeline Turkish stream and Power of Siberia-1. Will get the funding and Nord stream-2 Exhibition OIL AND GAS exhibition MIOGE the best brand in the industry The Russian government decided not to spend the additional revenues from higher oil prices the increase in costs Tithing is no more. Georgia agreed to a cash payment for transit of Russian gas to Armenia Vladimir Putin gave a start for another 2 pipelines. Transneft launched the oil pipeline Zapolyarye - Purpe and Kuyumba - Taishet. VIDEO e-mail What would it mean for Russia joining trump as President Transportation and Storage Gazprom turned to the European court to participate in hearings on access to OPAL gas pipeline Gazprom does not intend to sit idly by and silently observe the process on the access of Russian companies to MGP main gas pipeline OPAL. Policy the 45th President of the United States D. trump officially took office. Signed the first decrees D. trump 45th President of the United States is sworn in and officially took office. Company Alexei Miller briefed Vladimir Putin on Gazprom's record in 2016 and plans for 2017 Active A. Miller 20 Jan 2016 cheerfully reported to Vladimir Putin about the record gas supplies. The sad situation of a catastrophic fall in the prices of exported gas side delicately decided not to discuss. Gazprom in 2017 to double investments in the pipeline Turkish stream and Power of Siberia-1. Will get the funding and Nord stream-2 Gazprom has decided on the amount of investment in projects on gas transportation through pipelines in 2017. Naturally Gazprom is planning to increase the capacity of the projected LNG plant in Tatarskaya Kargala Tomsk region Gazprom plans to increase the capacity of the designed plant to produce liquefied natural gas LNG in the Tomsk region. Coal From the accident at the Severnaya mine of the Vorkutaugol in 2016 has reduced coal production by 28% to 96 million tons Vorkutaugol because of the accident at the Severnaya mine in 2016 has reduced coal production by 28% to 96 million tonnes. Policy is not made up. A. Lukashenko instructed to find alternatives to Russian oil As always in periods of exacerbation of oil and gas relations with Russia the Republic of Belarus begins to look for other ways of obtaining oil. It happened at this time. Hydropower New mode of operation of hydrosystems of the Volga-Kama cascade involves increasing the intensity of prepolovenie obrabotki reservoirs The Federal water resources Agency "Rosvodresursy" set the new modes for the Volga hydroelectric power station. State regulation of the FAS approved the indexation 39% in wholesale prices for Gazprom gas for the population from 1 July 2017 The FAS Russia approved the indexation from 1 July 2017 the wholesale prices on gas extracted by Gazprom and its subsidiaries for the population at 39%. Finance

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