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24 january 2017, 03:56

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In the new issue of Military acceptance we will experience the latest system for the protection of the first persons of the state and objects of strategic importance. Serve Russia Release dated January 31, 2016. Cruise missiles Russia has shown the world that she has a weapon that is able to reach any Secret weapon of the army Rokossovskogo. On the night of 2 October 1941 all the divisions of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front More than 50 years took place mysterious events of a UFO crash and air battles played alien technology on the most secret of AREA 51 the Most secret American project which is located in Arizona, USA where experiments are being conducted with aliens Serve Russia the Issue of January 24, 2015 In this edition of Military acceptance the audience will see a unique costume-transformer which will soon be used in combat operations assault In this edition of Military acceptance the audience will see a unique anti-tank missile system which has no analogues in the world. This In this release of FSI Russian and Syrian air force began shipping by air planes Il-76 for parachute platforms humanitarian War. We survived and won in this terrible war. We defeated fascism and were hoping that the Military will not see the video will no longer torment us with the soul of documentary photography from the battlefield. A local conflict in the Ukraine put everything on the head. As the arms race during the cold war. The allies once again found themselves on different sides of the barricades. What's going on in the world. Military news from around the world. Russian and NATO equipment. Someone who Until a show of force only in the media and on the territory of third countries, Ukraine, Syria, Iran. Why Russia resumed deliveries of anti-aircraft missile system s-300 to Iran. Your opinion article in the military news. Military news here. The latest military developments reports from hot spots around the world. Expert opinion the actions of politicians and heads of state. Will the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and standoff between the West and Russia. Anyone interested in the war Why the LC AND the DNI still kill the Crimea. Russia seized the Peninsula or returned to their lands. What do American troops in the Black sea of Crimea. How did he become a Russian What they think Why do we the Crimea and sanctions Why the West is boycotting the victory parade in honor of the seventieth anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Military news gives ground for thinking and forming their own opinions. Read leave comments to defend their opinions. Discuss news of the war. Your

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