Grandmother of Natasha Queen died after the announcement of the singer's persona non grata in Ukraine

24 january 2017, 03:55

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An elderly woman fell ill and faded away when her famous granddaughter to the Square made an enemy of the people. Natasha Koroleva shared a personal tragedy with All owners of cats and dogs do not get tired to praise them. Of course because they are so cute Hard to resist not to say these nice faces And who We published a great infographic about how to get to sleep. And there was advice not to look on the bright For each of us a toned body is synonymous with beauty and for professional dancers and even an essential condition for a successful career. It is not surprising that dancers of the Bolshoi theatre Snow and frost are forced to wrap myself in something warm. If you already pulled the wardrobe from the favorite Pavlovo Posad shawl't be in a hurry suddenly you look like a ruddy wench to know whether I They say that there is no need to be born beautiful to be happy. Probably agree with this more than one hundred people who managed to build We deciphered the secret of magical girls who always look stunning just avoid making these five mistakes. Blindly follow the New trends Star Tabby also known as KIC 8462852 became one of the main astronomical sensations of 2015. Let me remind you that this is the The asteroid Vesta on 18 January will be in opposition with the Sun Shine Vesta will reach 62m magnitude that will provide a good opportunity, provided a clear Research Institute of medical Primatology in Sochi, conducting research to create internal organs and even flights to Mars. Soon Canadian newspaper the National Post expressed considerable surprise that fact that Russia has such a huge influence in geopolitics. According to The head of the defense Ministry of Russia Sergey Shoigu ordered to study the possibility of replacing the passenger Tu-134 Tu-154 and Il-62M fleet of the defense Ministry in new Perhaps Moscow enjoys the role of destroyer of liberal democracy and would like to see the collapse of the EU, writes The Guardian. But Oil prices rose significantly on Friday due to hopes that a meeting of the Committee for monitoring production cuts to confirm adherence by manufacturers to the global Covenant. Latvian Radio 4 announced the details related to the decision of Lithuania to build a fence on the border with Russia. As told the radio station of the Lithuanian journalist Solvita Denisa-Liepniece today Today, January 20th the state Duma again rejected the bills on the children of war. As previously stated the member of the Duma Committee on labor Andrei Isayev, United Russia questions Our expert compares the current record Sergei Mozyakin with a unique achievement of Soviet striker Veniamin Alexandrov. Captain

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