Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, former US Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Vershbow in an interview

24 january 2017, 03:48

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Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, former US Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Vershbow in an interview with Voice of America We are ready to respond to Russia's actions Donald trump completed his first day in office of President of the United States with satellite link-with American soldiers in Afghanistan. In the largest Australian city of Sydney about 3 thousand men and women gathered for a rally in Hyde Park The administration has identified six themes and outlined his proposals in these areas. Commenting on the first day in office in an interview with reporters, the new President said It was downloaded but a good day. Beautiful day. I am proud that these two American hero became members of my administration, trump said in a brief statement. All US presidents who first come to the White house have a happy honeymoon. However, some of the heads of the American States this period lasted for a few days and others a few weeks After the First Couple at the ball appeared Vice-President Mike Pence with his wife and children of the 45th President of the USA Inauguration day for President trump continues the evening of 20 January, the President with his wife Melania appeared at the first inaugural ball ball of Freedom, where danced the first dance in the First Pair status of the country under the song My Way by Frank Sinatra President Donald trump in the White house signed his first decree on the gradual phase-out of Federal agencies from health insurance Obamacare. The Senate, meanwhile, confirmed the appointment of Ministers of defence and internal security. The oath of James Mattis and John F. Kelly was made Vice-President Mike Pence. Photos AR Police were forced to use mustard gas to stop a group of protestors near one of the office buildings in downtown Washington. It happened after protesters dressed in black smashed Windows of several shops. The clashes nearly 200 people were arrested All week in Los Angeles was preparing for the inauguration. The city published legal pamphlets in schools, the lawyers consulted. California, though a native of the democratic state but we managed to find and those who voted for a Republican in this election As expected the inauguration of the protesters in new York took the oath and swore to protect the us Constitution. Only seems to protect her they are going from the new President and his incoming administration The new US President, the Russian reaction. The inclusion of the correspondent of Voice of America Daniel

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