Experts rate Russia's chances in the war with the United States

24 january 2017, 03:54

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Watching American executives clearly show the concern that at least at a regional level, Russia is able to create superior force Military Times quoted the words of former Pentagon official David Ochmanek currently working as a military analyst at RAND Corp. Today the United States spends on defense in ten times more money than Russia. The US is much superior to Russia technically and in terms of force projection anywhere in the world. But Russia has developed an extremely important technology and equipment new tactics and blatant geopolitical strategy which can undermine the US claim the title of sole superpower the newspaper notes. In the first place on the Russian-us as writes Military Times relationships grimly hanging their nuclear arsenals. Russia retained and even upgraded their triad composed of Intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles large fleet of bombers a large range and fleet of nuclear submarines that are becoming more modern and advanced. But although the Russian conventional forces do not produce such experience as a nuclear there are some areas in which Russia is superior others. According to experts, among them aviation air defense submarines and electronic warfare. China today spends the defense more than Russia but still buys her equipment and modern weapons. According to experts trying to compare the armed forces of the United States and Russia are like comparing apples and oranges. Russian other strategic goals and structure of the armed forces of Russia is based respectively. Russia considers itself a ground power influencing a vast territory. She has a good possibility for realization of military the concept is known as obstruction dostopamiatnyi zone. DIFFERENT STRATEGY A reflection of this fact was the fact that Russia only one aircraft carrier and the United States ten and they are in different parts of the world. Instead of aircraft carriers is a means of power projection on the sea Russian invest in the expansion of their submarine forces included in the nuclear triad and is able to threaten the enemy fleet in nearby waters say, Black Baltic or Mediterranean seas. Russian airspace as safe strengthened. Russia has the most advanced system of detection and destruction aviation and she invests heavily in the creation of reliable anti-aircraft missile complexes. A static picture of military air power clearly in favor of the Russian because they have strong potential defenses and a variety of Arsenal tactical cruise and ballistic missiles says military analyst and

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